What is the Equator System?

How many times have you heard, the bank lost the package? The amount of paperwork generated in a typical short sale is enough to boggle the mind, Often times with additional information being requested throughout the process of the short sale.

Not all banks subscribe to the equator system, but for those that do and those agents and real estate brokers that understand how to use equator, it has certainly streamlined the entire short sale process.

The equator system allows for the transmittal of all documents during the short sale process. It also acts as a portal to the lender, servicing agent, or mortgage holder for all communication during the short sale process. Another cool feature of the equator system, is the equator library. The library maintains a static record of all requests from the lender to the agent and maintains a complete portfolio of all of those documents that have been submitted to the lender on the half of the short sale seller.


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